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About DAG'soft

What's there to know? DAG'soft, a completely fake corporation, is owned and operated by me Daniel Aaron Gordon, hence the name DAG'soft.
There isn't really anything notable about me, so I'll just display my résumé. Ok?

Daniel A. Gordon

13N021 Coombs Rd.
Elgin, IL 60123
(847) 289-0697

Job Objectives: A career in software development.

Skills Summary:
Programming languages: I have learned a little C, Java, HTML, and am
        proficient in Qbasic.

Computer systems: I use MS DOS, MS Windows, and am learning about         Linux.

Work experience:
Summer 1999 and 2000: I worked (am working) for a catering outfit.

School: I have completed College level Calculus I, and Physics. I also took         a college course in Computer Aided Drafting. In spring 2000 I         graduated from HPS Prep School.

References available upon request.

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