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Download Zone Check it out; my good buddy Mike told me about this one. Check out the awesome selection of shareware/freeware software - Cool!
Lego Media Interesting place if you like real XML. Wow, that place has it!
Microsoft Nice website (unless you hate them). Dunno why anyone would hate a company who's done so much good, though.
MIDI search Great search engine. I've found almost every MIDI I've searched for at Music Robot
Classical MIDIs If you like classical piano music, this is the place to go. They're free too (limit 100 per day).
50Megs In case you haven't already noticed, 50Megs is where this site is hosted.
Scour This is an MP3 file sharing website. Unlike Napster it's all HTML. Thanx Mike!
      Miscellaneous       |       Games        |      Programming        

PC GAMER Check out the coolest PC gaming mag!
Tic Tac Toe Ready for a game? Play against the computer. Can you beat it?
Downloadz Check it out! Here are some really Kewl games!
DOS games Lots of Free DOS games.
More Games Yep, They're for DOS and they're all free!
      Miscellaneous       |       Games        |      Programming        

Linux Wanna find out more about one of the most stable OS ever?
MSDN home Microsoft Developer Network. Any GOOD professional software designer would go.
Future Software Programming on Qbasic/QuickBasic, C/C++, and Perl/CGI. Check them out.
      Miscellaneous       |       Games        |      Programming        

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